Saturday, May 06, 2006

Field Day 2006

I had the pleasure of vounteering for field day this year, now that all four of my children were involved. Rob also took the day off so that he could volunteer, which I thought was pretty cool. Together, Rob and I were responsible for Lawn Jacks, which has been highly touted as The Most Boring Game at Field Day. Throughout the day, you'd hear kids chanting, "Par-a-chute! Par-a-chute!" or "Dodge-Ball! Dodge-Ball." When they canme to Lawn Jacks, it was, "Is this almost over?" :) Oh well, one set of volunteers had to continually set up 75 pizza boxes for a relay.

It was fun to see my kids have fun. When we left, I said to Rob, "I love our school." And I do. Before field day, we had Jaden's IEP meeting to plan his services fro next year. It went very well. I'll post more later about that.

BTW, that lady with Jaden is his new teacher (after the other one went on Maternity leave)

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