Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The weekend sports report

We had three soccer games and one wheelcahir basketball day camp. Very fun.

Trisha was the first game and she was a great goalie. She is one of the few girls ont he team who can punt the ball out of her endzone when she is goalie. Because she is a little bit shy (like her mother), I've had to teacher that's it's OK to get in there and get the ball away from someone; that she can be aggressive. Check shy and check nice at the door, sister. This week was the first game she really did that. SHe has some good height on the other girls and she was usign it to her advantage this week, which was fun to see!

I was not able to go to JOnathan and Ryan's games because I was with Jaden. But, from what I hear, Ryan scored four goals, a new all-time Klan family high. The previous record was held at three goals made by Jonathan in May, 2003. Of course, at Ryan's age they do not have goalies, but still, four goals is pretty good now! Jonathan also scored a goal in addtion to his killer defense moves.

Jaden had a lot of fun at hte basketball camp, I was SHOCKED at the level of play/competition that was seen. I was sort of expecting just a friendly game of wheelchair basketball. NOPE! The kids were zooming around, getting their fingers slammed between wheelchairs (no one complained), ripping balls out of each others hands...it was pretty cutthroat. I have to say the mother in me did not at all care for people ripping the ball out of Jaden's hands while he's try ing to hold on to the ball and move his wheelchair at the same time. I wanted to yell: "Hey! Cut him some slack; he's in a wheelchair." Of course, everyone was in a wheelchair! The first picture is Jaden's pregame workout. The second is him playing...look at the intensity in their eyes!

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Our kids are more talented, smarter, and better looking than anyone else's kids.