Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sneaky Little Mister

Some stories just go down in family lore for all time. Just mention the words "Fried Eggs" to someone in my family of origin and we still laugh hysterically. So far this story, courtesy of Jaden, has had some legs.

We had only been in our house a few months. The triplets were 3 and Ryan was just a baby. Our next door neighbors were very friendly, older (not retired, but have grandkids older than any of my kids) people, occasionally giving my kids snacks and often stopping by for a chat. Mr. Neighbor loves to cut his grass, I mean really loves. Anyway, one Sunday afternoon, he was cutting his grass as Jaden watched in amazement. Neighbor went around and around in circles around his house and Jaden watches, getting excited everytime neighbor came back into view. WHen neighbor turned off his lawn mower, Jaden says to him, "Hey, what are you doing there you sneaky little mister??" THe neighbor says, "What?" Jaen repeats, "what are you doing you sneaky little mister?".

I have no idea even where Jaden got that phrase, and I'm not really sure why neighbor got offended. But, ever since that time, no more cookies, no more chats. They've erected a large tree border between our yards and he leaves the 12 inch strip between his lawn and our driveway that is technically our lawn. I think he really likes us!

Anyway, Sneaky Little Mister still enjoys cutting his lawn, so for kicks, let's keep track, we'll start with May.

SLM: 6 Rob: 2

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