Tuesday, December 06, 2005

O Christmas Tree...

I am pleased to report that for the first time since marrying Rob nearly 13 years ago, we have a real Christmas tree! Ohhhh, it smells so wonderful and pine-y in here!! I'm so excited.

On the down side, Trisha found one of her presents. I told her I was going to have to take it back and maybe Santa would give it to her. Well, she retorted, "Great! Just Great! Everyone knows Santa isn'[t real. I mean how could one guy deliver all the presents in the world in like 12 hours...that's just ridiculous. He's probably just (and she does use the finger quotes here) "parents" pretending to be "Santa", just like "parents" pretend to be the "tooth fairy"." We told her we'd talk about it later because Ryan was starting to get very upset. This girl isn't being tested for gifted education for nothing, I guess. But, it's still sad to think this phase of parenting may be ending. It's been really fun :-)

BTW, 46 days until DISNEY!!! AND, we are flying!! Yahoo....$49 each way on Southwest...can't beat it !~

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noblekleigh said...

Yeah I figured it out once, but mom and dad continued to lie through their teeth. And then, I continued to flatter them in hopes that I would be getting more presents. Apparently shes not that smart :)