Friday, December 09, 2005

So, I'm a helicopter mom....

Ok, so the Today show this morning had a segment on moms who are too active in their children's schools, they "hover" thus the name helicopter mom. This particular news segment was highlighting a mother who had three children at the elementary school and was probably at the school 3 times per week. I thought that sounded like a normal, responsible parent...however, she was the example of the "weirdo" helicopter mom.

So, taking this week as an example, I was at school on Tuesday to work the Holiday Shop and to help Trisha, Jonathan and Jaden with their purchases. I was there Wed. morning to help Jaden put on his braces and Wed. afternoon to help Ryan with the Holiday shop. I was there Thurs. afternoon because that's the day I help in the lunchroom, and I am going up today to deliver a snack to the kids' classrooms (for no reason, other than that's what the fun moms do!) So, does that make me a hover-er? Probably so. But, my whole life is up at that school and you better believe that I am going to be there as often as possible to check things out and to do whatever I can to make sure my children are in a positive environment. If I see that they aren't I can try to make changes, but at least I will know that they need more positivity at home then.

One teacher interviewed on this segment said that she felt like she had to be more cautious about what she said in the classroom becasue of these helicopters. I say...GOOD!!! I don't care how much teaching experience a person has, people who have nothing to hide, hide nothing!! If my being around school makes you uncomfortable because now you have to watch what you say to my kid...GOOD! I've done my job.

Now, if I'm sneaking up to my kid's college dorm to make sure they are sleeping in their own room, or calling their boss to ask why they got a bad review,(as were some of the examples given) I've probably gone too far...but in elementary school, when kids are not going to feel comfortable standing up to an adult, I think it's my right AND my duty to be up there as much as I feel I need to.

The teacher also said when she sees a helicopter mom she'll tactfully say, "you seem to be up here alot." So, when and if, a teacher says that to me, I'll simply reply, "thank you." :-)

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