Monday, December 26, 2005

One SWF and her sister...

Extrememly attractive WFs. (Obviously, just look at the photo) Very intelligent and witty. IQ scores of 133 and 146. (which is also equal to what we weigh) One is 10% higher than the other. Enjoys dancing to Booty Tunes (we're both very good dancers also!) and playing Fantasy Football. One of us is a little bit of a smart alex, but we won't say which one. We also like eating cake and cheesy broccoli. ISO of good friends and good times. PLease call 720-341-0000 and ask for Kristin. :-)

1 comment:

noblekleigh said...


Yea we are hotties. I might add however that I am scared is to why you know all the lingo that goes into personal adds. ;)

I had fun this christmas...thanks for the laughs:)