Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Open mouth, insert foot

OK, so how was I supposed to know? Just because I live like 10 minutes away from the girl, I hardly ever see her. I see her sister-in-law on a regular basis and NO ONE ever mentioned this to me. I was just innocently sending out my Christmas cards. To: Mr. & Mrs. John Smith and Family (names have been changed to protect the "innocence" of those involved) Sure, good, fine enough. I get a Christmas card from this person (she could not yet have gotten mine). It is signed, "Love, Bob, Jane and kids." Ummmm...Bob, is not John and there's a few more kids in the picture. Apparently, John and Jane got divorced LAST year (that's 2004). Jane now has a live-in lover and children. MAMALACHEECHA!


Anonymous said...

I'm usually the one inserting the foot into mouth...thanks for taking the reigns on this one. Perhaps you could use the words "live-in lover" in your talk with Trisha! My friend, you are sounding awfully liberal these days...wink,wink.

tripmom827 said...

Thanks for the comment, "anonymous". I was actually thinking of using terms like "celibacy" and "chastity belt" in my talk with Trish :-)