Monday, December 05, 2005

Spina Bifida Clinic

Today I got to participate in my twice-yearly trek to Children's Hospital with Jaden to Spina Bifida Clinic. How can I possibly describe the ridiculosity of SB Clinic? It started off with a few tests, which weren't so bad, except for the new ultrasound tech who insisted on looking for Jaden's kidneys under his armpits. I know I am not a doctor or even an ultrasound tech, but I am pretty sure kidneys aren't under armpits. She kept saying, "your crazy kidneys are hiding from me!" Hmmm, why don't you try looking a little farther down!!

Then, we go adn sit in a room for several hours while we wait for all of the Drs. that need to see Jaden. They all seem to ask the exact same questions....even Jaden was rolling his eye this time. "How old are you?" "What grade are you in?" "Can you stand up?" "Can you kick your legs out?" "Can you feel when I touch your toes?" It seems like if they read his notes from last time, we could all save ourselves a lot of time.

Fortunately, Jaden looks like he is doing well...he may have some brewing Orthopaedic and Urologic issues that we'll follow up on in 6 months, but otherwise he's progressing well,,,which is good.

Oh, and the sad moment of the day happened when I was waiting to register. I was seated next to a woman with an 8 year old. He had had an MRI a few hours prior and was crabby coming off the sedation. She was waiting to see the Neurosurgeon and then would have to take him upstairs to get chemo after that. The kid was really out of sorts and she put him in her lap where he proceeded to give her a hug and say, "My mommy." And, she said back, "My baby." I just about cried...and then felt guilty for feeling sorry for myself. There are people worse off than me!

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